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Pyrsos Co.
Dimitsanis 18, 26 335 - Patras

Phone: (+30) 2610 641190
Mobile: (+30) 6946 605582
Fax: (+30) 2610 622333

About us

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Our history...





Pyrsos Co. is an individual company specialized in candle production and decoration. Since its establishment in 2003 in a region outside Patras (Greece), it has evolved the production procedures rapidly, showing a continuous growth through the years.

Pyrsos specializes in production of various types of candles, such as decorative candles, votive candles, anti-smoke and anti-mosquito candles, aromatic, wedding, Easter and Christmas candles, etc. Our 500 m2 establishments use high technology equipment for the production of every type of candles. Our facilities include highly accurate wax casting moulds for the production of ball and egg candles. Two highly automated pressing machines with 1 stamp each are used for the production of various decorative candles with complex shapes and sizes. The production rate reaches approximately the 2.000 pieces/hr. Our production line is equipped with a powder spray drum machine, which covers the production needs, having a high output rate.

Visit our website and explore a wide variety of candle products in various colors, shapes and styles.